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Armymals is a game of critters in tanks and they do "pew pew pew". Our armymals are very special creatures: They drive tanks and have strong personalities just like the noble leaders of the past. In Armymals you will meet dozens of characters like Narwhaleon Bonaparte, Abrahamster Lincoln, and Lionidas – each with its own unique artwork and thematic abilities. The game is an action packed, fast strategy experience. Brightly colored tanks move across a hexagon-tiled battlefield filled with three-dimensional scenery representing trees, barns etc. The colorful board and the cute animals with a twist of historical characters make the game accessible to kids and hilarious to adults. We used the same principle while creating the rules, they have an increasing complexity to ensure fun for both beginners and hardcore players.

Zawartość pudełka:

  • 5 krótkich drabinek
  • 5 długich drabinek
  • 5 pionków graczy
  • 5 krążków - "kamieni"
  • 35 kolorowych klocków w różnych rozmiarach


  • ul. Beskidzka 65A
    34-120 Sułkowice

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